ADVANCED PACK IS A 10 weeks coaching

This program will help entrepreneurs looking to scale their business with actionable strategies to grow and maintain a sustainable and magnificent cash flow in the business!
At the end, the student will have all strategies in their hands to scale any type of business!

Here’s what you will grab in details

  •  Entrepreneurs mindset
  • Small Business mindset
  • Success mindset
  • Wesleymilliondollarvirgin mindset model for productivity
  • The right mindset to deal customers
  • How to succeed in any type of business
  • marketing intelligence
  • strategy development
  • New product development
  • lifecycle management
  • the strategy of ppp ( positioning,pricing and product)
  • from unwanted to WANTED
  • How to make your product desirable
  • product relaunch strategy
  • identifying problems in the products
  • How to connect your product with customer
  • Building a relationship with your customers
  • Developing and production innovation
  • digital marketing, sales and delivery model
  • physical Marketing,sales delivery model
  • Customer relationships innovate
  • Step by step how to create a business model
  • Building Marketing Campaign that works
  • Effective marketing plan and actionable strategy to back it up
  • Customer segmentation
  • How to strategically perform a niche marketing research for your own type of business
  • Understanding different types of customers and how to sell to them
  • Effective negotiation process to close deals
  • How to sell even when people don’t want to buy
  • Building a manual Sales funnel
  • Learn to create a highly Convertible sales page
  • Conduct professional  Marketing
  • 5x your sales funnel  lead magnet and mail chimp
  • Learn the strategic process to sell more to your existing customers
  • the most active customers loyalty program since 1998
  • Building referral package made easy
  •  Active conversion rate
  • Go viral with your marketing
  • increase your customers base
Bonus  courses
Complete Facebook and sales funnel blueprint (online course )
Management and motivational leadership

Cost N100,000 | $280