How to create convertible ads yourself

Create Ads yourself

This is an online course that will provide you with strategies to create a convertible ads on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
Duration: You will have a 1 year access  to this course


What you’ll learn

  • Facebook ads creation
  • Twitter ads creation
  • Strategies to create ads Instagram ads creation
  • How to open a business manager account
  • How to create a new Ad Account
  • How to fix ad account disabled issues
  • How to create a custom audience and lookalike audience
  • How to set up event manager and create a pixel code for ad tracking
  • How to create a retargeting ads on Instagram with website
  • How to retarget website or e-commerce visitors
  • How to connect your pixel code on landing pages
  • How to write the best eye catchy sales copy for your ads
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COST: $20 | N7500