About Me



my name is Precious Udeh popularly known as PRECIOUSISMARKETING, A startup coach. I specifically help businesses understand their brands and how they show present it online, establish well-defined marketing and sales strategies to scale and maintain a productive business, You might be asking how and when i derives this strong will to helping entrepreneurs- are you asking? Well, my  passion for helping small businesses came from my  life experience itself,  after i made a huge loss in her local business due to lack of business planning or all-round marketing information! I vowed to never to allow anyone others experience what I went through, I took on a task to educate herself with integrated Marketing skills, get coached with renowned experts, join masterminds groups, bought courses from experts and so far, she has coached over 1000 businesses on how to use social media for effective marketing and sales strategies to grow a sustainable business online Precious launched Preciousismarketing in Oct 2018. Her focus is on helping small business flourish in their business  and her does this through a range of business services including one on one business structuring coaching, online courses and trainings Precious holds a certificate in Digital Marketing, Personal branding, business consulting. if you are still struggling and having sleepless nights about strategies to achieve  a visible business growth!

then I’m your girl!

She is a startup coach and I am willing and ready to teach fix your business problems

If its broken, if its cracked, if its rotted, We can fix it.